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Legendary musician Dibya Khaling no more

Death spares no one, not even the most powerful mortal. After stepping into this materialistic world, one has to bid goodbye sooner or later. Normal people live and die but creative people are gifted with the golden opportunity to live an eternal life through their creations. Fifty four years old music legend Dibya Khaling is no longer with us materialistically but his beautiful musical creations will keep him alive, remembered and appreciated for unending generations to come. His heart touching compositions like "Ma ta lali guras bhayechu..", "Mayako adharma..", "bipana nabhayi bachidine..", "sadhai nai ma hanse.." sung by Narayan Gopal and "aanka ko neend chori lane.." sung by Arun Thapa will always soothe a musical heart.

Swar Samrat Narayan Gopal's one of the favorite musicians, Dibya was suffering from heart problems and died this Sunday around one thirty a.m. According to Khaling's wife, the body will be taken to hometown Silligudhi for death rituals. "The condolence meet will be organized after a week." she informed.

–Sampada Malla    

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