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Nepathya's Gaun Gaun Bata Utha - Review
27 July 2018-Friday

It’s been a little over ten days since Nepathya, the veteran folk-rock band that’s been representing Nepal in the grandest stages, released the video of Gaun Gaun Bata Utha, an original of Shyam Tamot. As avid followers of Nepathya – which all of Nepal is -- it’s nothing but obvious to carry high hopes from the band, and they rightfully stood to the expectation of many of their followers. Their recent upload has garnered encouraging comments, further elevating the degree of the band’s popularity.

Nepathya’s rendition of ‘Gaun Gaun Bata Utha’ kicks off with a straight track layout provided by the bass and the drums for the band’s somewhat signature psychedelic guitar intro. A few bars later, the tonality and the lick character, to an extent, mocks Queen’s evergreen hit ‘We Will Rock You’. Then, the intro is then taken over by Amrit Gurung’s raw vocals. Additionally, the harmonizing is also spot-on. However, the contentious bass and drum run can appear to be a tad discomforting for those expecting groovy accents in the song. Therefore, the rhythm section lags a little behind.

Nonetheless, the keys solo towards the end introduces a unique change. Furthermore, it helps calm down the energy before the aggressive outro.  The interlude based on the 7/8 time signature, along with the regular instruments, also features a ‘Khhii’, a traditional Newari percussion instrument. The effort put by the arranger by slyly including the interlude without really giving a hint of the timing change is commendable.

All in all, the song is relevant to the present-day society that is in dire need of a progressive revolution. Also, the live video adds up to the raw energy of the song and compels the listeners to divulge into its essence. 


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