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Nepalese Streets Brewing Hip Hop Culture
14 February 2012-Tuesday
-Isha Dhital

Nineteen years old Chhitiz Gharti Magar is here to keep kids off the street for good. The way she’s doing it is through B-boying;  a form of hip hop dance also known as break dancing born in the American ghetto of Bronx  New York. Although we’re not in the Bronx, growing up in the streets of Nepal can be just as tough, just ask Magar. “Most of the kids that I’m teaching have really tough lives. They suffer neglect, drug abuse, and out of a hundred, eighty of them don’t even attend school” she says.  Magar,  an IT college student has already spent over Rs. 70,000 giving them food, shelter,  and training. “I don’t consider my self a dance teacher, they look at me as their buddy and mentor. I try to keep them busy by exposing them into this art. I can see  they have passion for this type of dance so I make them choose between their passion and the bad influences outside” she says proudly.

Hip Hop culture sprung from the streets so it was a perfect tool to engage and empower disadvantaged youths from the back alleys of the Kathmandu valley. One of the many reasons why B-boying is becoming so popular all over the world is that hip hop transcends barriers of gender, religion, and language, as every corner of the world can bring its own flavor and style. B-boying also requires minimum resources; an open space and music would suffice.  Magar is trying to spread the message by engaging the young people into B-boying culture to build leadership skills and promote social responsibility. “It’s only been about one to two years since B-boying has been introduced in Nepal. There’s a big scope for this style of dance here  since our generation of youths are very influenced by western culture. I have kids who are six years old that  are already interested in B-boying” explains Magar.  Her aim is not only to empower the youth, but also to create a Nepali B-boying world champion.  “I want to do something for my country. Nepal doesn’t have a B-boying institute which can take these kids to the top chain. My intent is to create an institute and collect b-boys so I can give them an opportunity to reach to that world champion level” she says proudly.

Just this past 15th January, Chhitiz organized her first Under 19 B-Boying show at the Bisranti Party Place in Bhimsengola Marg.  It featured six B-boying group: String puppetier, The Eastern Stars A and B, Extremely Crazy Crew, The Urban Street, and The Barbie Girls. Miss Magar has gone through many hardships and delays to organize this show. Being only a college, student she had very limited budget and had almost no support. Her B-boying show was delayed due to many economic factors as well.  “This is my first show and I’m doing this to expose B-boying culture to the general audience. To come this far I’ve gone through a lot of difficulties. To audition the kids I had to get them from so many neighborhoods. Not only that, I had to train them for three to four months. Trying to find sponsors for the show was also very difficult as many of them have no idea what B-boying was” she adds. When questioning her drive, she simply explains,  “I’ve come across many people who tell me that I’m wasting my time with this venture. Out of one hundred people, I get ninety-nine people who tell me I should quit this, but when I have that just one person telling me that I’m doing something meaningful, the fire within me burns and I  feel I have support from millions.”

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