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Load Shedding & Celebs
18 January 2012-Wednesday
-Isha Dhital

Can’t watch your favorite television show? Having a forced Facebook withdrawal? Can’t connect with the world? Ahhh, load shedding has crippled your life hasn’t it? Well we can all imagine what you must be feeling during the continuous rolling blackouts, but ever wonder what your favorite celebs are up to during the long dark hours? Well we’ve called them up for you, to ask them exactly how they spend their precious time during load shedding.  Here’s what they have to say.

Dhiraj Rai

“I just came back from a month long stay in Hong Kong and before that I was in my Korea tour so I was really shocked to notice how badly things have turned in just over a month of my absence. I’ve been so used to seeing lights everywhere as you know Hong Kong and Korea are known for its starry nights, city lights and all that.

When you’re in this profession, you’re basically a performer; an entertainer, so you definitely need to be in the limelight. What are you going to do when there’s no light? It’s difficult to do concerts here because of all this power outage that’s for sure. But thankfully being a singer is not the only profession I’m in as I’m also a college lecturer and I can safely say that so far load shedding hasn’t affected my teaching profession yet. How do I spend my time at home during the dark hours? Well I spend it with my family, read books, and listen to FM radio.”

Rajina Rimal

“Due to my busy schedule I’m hardly at home. Most of my days are spent at recording studios and fortunately I don’t have to worry about load shedding there since the studios are backed by generators! But when I come home that’s a different story! If I’m in the mood to watch TV most likely I’m not able to ‘cause of the power shortage. So, the way I fight boredom during load shedding at home is, I whip out my mobile phone and listen to the music until my battery runs out!”

Mausami Gurung

“Being in this profession so far load shedding hasn’t affected me much. Most of all recording studios have back up powers and generators so for us it’s really nothing major. Plus I’ve already released my album so right now I don’t have to worry!  After the release of my album I’m spending more time at home, taking care of my mom so I’m definitely feeling the effects of power shortage in my personal life. Even though we have solar power as back up, that still doesn’t get the job done when it comes to cooking and using the laundry machine! The way I fight boredom during load shedding is watch movies and listen to my music on my laptop.”

Seema Sangraula

“We’ve got inverters so I can charge my battery, everything is working just fine except the fridge (laughs). But overall I think I can survive this load shedding, it’s not the end of the world. “

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