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So, What's Up With Sudip Giri???
20 December 2009-Sunday
-The Cheeguz

He obviously doesn't need any introduction for he's been experiencing success since his debut with the album “Canvas”. Yes, Sudip Giri recently returned from the USA after six months of touring and we, The Cheeguz, got hold of him as soon as he made it here and shot him the questions of his lifetime. So, let's see what's cooking with our favourite “Tutnu thiyo” singer, lately!

It's Sudip grilling time and hmm…it smells pretty good…

1. How was your stay in the US? How was the experience?

Sudip: It was nice. Felt real good with the overwhelming support and appreciation received there.

2. How many concerts did you perform there?

Sudip: 17 gigs.....18-19states namely New York, Maryland, Colorado...

3. Do you think once people leave the country, they start appreciating Nepali music more?

Sudip: Well, according what I could figure out there, our people are very busy in foreign with their work, studies. They don't really have free time and hardly get to enjoy themselves…So whenever there are programs where Nepali artists are supposed to perform, they try to attend all of them, making the best out of the opportunity. Maybe not everyone but all those who can spare time definitely make it to such shows. So to that question, I'll have to say yes, we do start appreciating the music close to our home more than ever.

4. Are there any new projects you're working on? 

Sudip: I had actually left for the US right after releasing my third album "Katha" without even getting to work on its promotion. So, I will be working on that now...

Talking about non-musical stuff, I recently founded an NGO named "Aatma Nirbhar". It deals with spreading awareness regarding any social issue, be it youth, women, or children…

I believe we can say many things thru music and have been able to create awareness through it. So that made me consider why not do the same by taking a different route this time.

I've also established a co-operative company "Aatma Nirbhar Yuva" along with my friends Devendra Pokhrel and Shridhar. The idea came up because I wanted to help those people who want to prosper their financial status. We aim to assist those with low income in their saving so that they won't have any problem in securing a bright future…

5. So since you've been busy with other things besides music, do you think side projects are necessary to survive as a music maker?

Sudip: Definitely. I go for side projects. Well, I had a different point of view about it before but that all changed after my visit to the States...

6. Did anything interesting happen there? Any memorable moments to share?

Sudip: I was totally fascinated by the engineering. I was amazed by the subway transportation in New York and the lights too, of course. Here we're always tortured by the ever lengthy load shedding schedules whereas there, I see buildings holding up millions of watts of electricity...makes me wonder where it all comes from?!

Talking about memorable moments, once I was invited to perform at a show where there were mostly Tibetan audiences. To give a different taste, I sang a folk tune there and to my astonishment, I was very much appreciated, like beyond my expectation. Have to add, I was literally showered by Khata….and I can never forget that experience.

7. Any videos in the making?

Sudip: Yes I have shot music videos for two songs in the States. The video for “Jane Bhaye Jau” was shot in New York whereas the visual for “Katai Anyol Ma” was caught in Maryland as well as in Colorado. Another video is also on its way. It's for the single “Chitwan” which is dedicated to my birth place and I directed it myself. 

8. You started out as a pop singer and all of a sudden you had a totally new get up for your second effort. You were more into rock music. What made you bring such a change in your style?

Sudip: I believe in changing with time. When I first started singing, there was a huge audience for pop music. People loved listening to sad, tragic and also boy-impress-girl kind of pop songs. So taking that into mind, I decided to come up with songs like “Tutnu thiyo” and “Timi Aja Bholi” but the scenario had changed at the time of my second release. 

I've wanted to try different things and I'm always planning to try new stuff. I chose rock genre also thinking it was the right kind for stage performances as there were many concerts being held than before. I also like to experiment regarding which style would be more appreciated by the audience. 

9. How technology savvy are you? Gadgets crazy?

Sudip: A little but sometimes even if you want something latest in the market, you can hardly find them here. So, not really satisfied with the supply.

10. What do you have to say to your fans abroad? 

Sudip: Thank You. Hope you achieve what you're striving for in a foreign country and once you receive your goal there, do come back.

Whatever you've learnt there, implement here and let's give our country to flourish as well. 

11. Future plans??

Sudip: I've already found the one so, I'm thinking to get married soon....for real....

I also want to get myself a anything but fans won't let me....

I'm totally in sports, if you didn't know. I'm a blackbelt 2 Taekwondo player...and I'm thinking to aim for a higher level in it. I will also not rule out mountain climbing…

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