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Miss Nepal 2008 Contestants Profile - Sahana Bajracharya
12 August 2008-Tuesday



They're all equally talented, beautiful, intelligent and dubbed highly competitive and so far the best Miss Nepal batch ever, we present to you contestants' profile of this year Miss Nepal 2008. Check them out!

Contestant Number: 18

Name: Sahana Bajracharya

Age: 19

Height: 5’5.5”

Education: 1st year BA in Media       

Profession: Student

Hobbies: photography, exploring the rural areas of Nepal, listening to music, glass painting.

Ambition in life: Unveil  the secret of our society by taking up investigative journalism. Stand out in whatever field I work.

 What has been the best part of your training session until now?
- Table manner classes (the only time we are not deprived of good food :-))
- Interaction programs with the victims of ten year old conflict.
- The Yoga classes.

Which former Miss Nepal inspires you a lot? How, why?
I’m taken back by Sugarika KC, Miss Nepal 2005. Because she proved that Miss Nepals are not only pretty but also have the potential to change the perception of the people who can only voice against women.

What makes you think that you deserve to be crowned Miss Nepal 2008?
- I am a blend of both cultural and modern Nepali woman.
- I am friendly, determined, confident and my optimism has helped me come this far.
- Some say I have a pointed nose, some say small eyes but I am beautiful and I love myself and I love the people around me. This makes me Miss Nepal, with or without the crown.

If not you, then who according to you, among this year's top 20 finalists deserves the title crown? And why?
When we cannot say which sense organ of ours is the best how can I say who will win because each one is a different individual with different unique talent. And most importantly we are given equal grooming and training. So everyone deserves. 

May be you also want to name who doesn't deserve the title at all? why again!
If I were to point out who wouldn’t win then for surely I wouldn’t be here. Because all of us are equal yet different and it’s a process of building ourselves rather than pointing others.

Besides the input from the training session that you have been getting, how have you been personally preparing yourself for the big day?
Ooh! I’ve never read papers so much till now. So I’m making myself more and more aware. And yes, I’m on a soup and salad diet. (wink wink)

So, let's say that you get declared as Miss Nepal 2008. What is the first thing you would do as a Miss Nepal?
The first think I would do after being declared Miss Nepal is thank everyone. God, my parents who’ve always been with me and everyone else. I have a whole year to work for the society but I would firstly thank the society for believing me to be the their Miss Nepal 2008.

What aspect of Nepal would you opt for to rightly represent our country in the international arena?
- We are the youngest of the republican country.
- The whole world only talks about issues like discrimination, crisis etc but we live these issues. So I’ll represent our country men as the strongest among all and our beautiful naturally Nepal.

Until now, under your own individual evaluation, what chances do you think you have to bag the title crown? You can indicate the answer in percentage if you want to.
I’m giving my best shot. I’m not looking back. I’m giving my 100% lets see…

Any piece of advice for your fellow contestants? 
You all rock girls!! It wouldn’t have been fun without you all. Lets show our country we are not only pretty faces but witty brains too.

What would you like to say to all those reading your profile right now?


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