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Sabin Rai : Abhaya Subba is not my female version
15 June 2008-Sunday


- Detective Eye Candy

On April 27, Abhaya Subba April made a statement to that if she were a guy she would be Sabin Rai.

"Not that I am unhappy being me, but if I were a guy, I would most certainly choose to be Sabin Rai. He is my male version" said she. But when we put the same question to Sabin Rai as to who would be his female version or if he would be Abhaya if he were a girl, the answer came somewhat vague.

Maybe a little too unflattering for Abhaya who is still celebrating her birthday week, she became god-knows-what age only last Wednesday.

"Yeah… I heard it from some of my friends, about Abhaya's weird statement. I wonder what made her think I am her male version because I really don’t feel the same way. Abhaya is not my female version, no one is" said Sabin.

Uh-oh….that is disappointing! We wouldn’t wanna comment anything more on that. But however, Ashish Syangden, Program Coordinator of Radio Kantipur does think Sabin resembles a lot with Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger, the grammy award winning English rock musician.

"His body language from the way he moves his hands or dances and the entire stage presence he exudes is a lot like Mik Jagger" said Asish.

So, we're thinking, if not a female version Sabin Rai does have a male version, an older male version huh?! Just a food for thought!!! 


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