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Bewildering Battle Between Beauties
10 May 2008-Saturday

-Detective Eye Candy

Khusboo Oli's statement on how Ayusha Karki bought the title of Miss World University made quite a wave huh!? Well, to all those who haven't the slightest idea, here is a flashback.

Then 16-year-old Khushboo Oli bagged the title of Miss Teen Nepal in the year 2006, beating Miss Tamang Jenisha Moktan and Miss Tourism Queen Kunchhang Moktan. In fact these Moktan beauties, dubbed current KTM's hot property, did not even make it to the top three. Anyways, then again in the year 2007 Khushboo handed the crown of Miss Teen to her successor the winner Ayusha Karki. Who was one of the good participants in the batch, but when her faltering no good answer got her the title crown it definitely raised a lot of questions among the viewers inside the BICC hall and all those watching the show live on KTV. To this the choreographer for the event, Prabha Amatya said how Ayusha Karki had all the ingredients of a beauty queen from looks to grace and talent and that the winners may not always be decided by the final answer. Quite justifiable that was.

But fate had it that both these teen queens Khusboo Oli (2006) and Ayusha Karki (2007), encountered each other in yet another beauty pageant the "Miss World University 2007" contest, this time as rivals. May be intentional, maybe co-incidental!? But for Ayusha who had just won the title of Miss Teen to participate in yet another pagaent after a mere 20 days of winning the title, and Khusboo Oli also a title holder to settle on battling it out for yet another crown was well....... a showcase of a very typical human trait, one can say. You know the never ending thirst to long for more and some even more?! Many students who had applied for the pageant simply backed out because they were to compete these successful winners, which in their part was very unfair. One student who cancelled her form retorted, " If winners of other pageants keep participating like this, when will the new ones ever get a chance, it is in fact very unfair".

That was a plead to the organizers, but little did they care. For the participation of two prominent winners in the pageant, along with the winner of Miss Teen Sherpa, Lemi Sherpa, the competition was already a hit even before it started off.

Then the grand finale on September 27, 2007 took place in the BICC hall. Among huge media coverage and of course students from various colleges supporting their ambassadors. The question answer round had Khusboo answering first, to the question she answered beautifully. And then it was Ayusha's turn of which she too gave an equally beautiful answer. When the time came for the winners to be announced, Khusboo Oli had to settle for the title of first runner up while Ayusha the fresh miss teen yet earned another title in a 20 days gap. And that is from where all the conflicts started.

The live telecast went off , on started a never ending dispute. With Khusboo throwing away the crown and the trophy, her guardians seeking a justifiable answer from the judges but to no avail, since all had made a quick escape. Then the crying of course, the winner Ayusha Karki breaking down in tears with no co-contestants to her aid....phew...... it was all a sight to see. Khusboo Oli's accusation of Ayusha Karki buying the crown and buying the judges may seem fickle, an excuse for losing many might say, but Ayusha's hastiness in bagging another title that soon and her seemingly pre-composed effortless answer tells us something else. 

Now, accusations of Ayusha being talentless and undeserving, while Ayusha accusing Khusboo to be cheap and shameless, all really do seem worthless. For the whole point was to send a good representative from Nepal to battle it out in the international platform, and technically both weren't eligible enough for that part. The contest was " Miss World University" for god's sake. University mind it. And both Ayusha and Khusboo were +2 students then, studying in the higher secondary level, while representative from other countries would either be undergraduate or graduate university students.

So, there you go. The chapter should pretty much end peacefully now. And Ayusha's return to Nepal with no titles in hand, clearly shows the fierce competition in the international scene. What chances can a SLC graduate have against university students anyways? From it, the organizers should learn a lesson and create/produce better candidates who can rightly represent our country. Someone like Ayusha Shreshtha, who made us all proud when she came home with the title of Miss World University in the year 2003. And talking about creating better candidates maybe the organizers should stop taking in winners of other pageants so as to open the floor for new talented aspirants. Since news has it, that a new set of organizers may be conducting this year's Miss World International, we are hopeful of a fair and a sound competition this time.

But, seriously, if hatred, jealousy, ego clashes and never-ending quarrels and strings of  accusations is the by-product of these kind of pageants, then parents should seriously think before sending their daughters to compete in any. While at a process of learning to lead a good life, if all these girls are to learn is to hate another humankind, it is in fact truly unhealthy in their growing years. A bad example set for other ordinary young girls to take heed from.

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