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Ani with A Nani!!!
15 April 2008-Tuesday

-Detective Eye Candy


Yep...the title is quite attention arresting, we know. And we're not talking about the famous Ani. You know who, the "fulko akhanma" singer Ani Chhoying Dolma. Rather its the infamous Ani, who is our hot topic for the day. How the media went crazy over the reports of the one time top model Kohinoor Singh abandoning modeling arena only to become a Buddhist nun. Ring any bell? That's right folks, after almost two years of complete public seclusion, we have spotted the wannabe Ani in K-town and from what we've heard she might just be married and now has a child. According to an eye witness who spotted the model-turned-Ani-turned-mom at Bhatbhateni shopping complex, " I saw Kohinoor Singh with a baby in her arms. She had put on a lot of weight, had a long hair and was definitely mothering the infant she was carrying". Whoa!!... now that's a juicy piece of news right there. When she shunned modeling to be a nun many said it was a sheer publicity stunt, some truly believed of her getting nirvana and many simply said..well...that she went crazy. But what was the need of her becoming a nun if reproduce is all she wanted to do? Once assumed to having an affair with Nabin K. Bhattarai for appearing in most of  his videos, Kohinoor Singh is as famous for her eccentricity as much as she is for her pretty face. But now that she's married and hopefully leading a happy life, we wish Kohinoor all the best for a wonderful future ahead. Only, we're wondering, whatever happened to her once rumored boyfriend Nabin .K Bhattarai who at his early 30s is still single. Well, Nabin jee maybe you could just learn something from your favorite model. No, no don't turn into a monk now. We only want to see you tying the nuptials and producing talented kids just like you or maybe just like Kohinoor Singh. You decide!! 


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