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“Ma Sangeet ma Baachne Maanche” says Rajan
13 November 2006-Monday
-Preity Acharya

Popularity is something which all the music artists hunt for. Well, music artists have different reasons to be popular. Whether the reason is, just because they are Celebs! We found someone who doesn’t find a reason to be popular……

Rajan Ishan, who once upon a time, as a debut artist, amazed the audiences with his heart-rending song “Bas Ma chaina mero man”, is found giving more priority to music than popularity.

“I’m directly or indirectly concerned with music. These days I am busy doing arrangements and recording. It is not that I have stopped singing, but still more than being popular as a singer, I’m somehow indulging in music which is more important to me” says Rajan.

Busy in arrangements for different songs of different music artists, Rajan’s recently arranged numbers are “Man ko raani (Sugam feat madzone)” and “Paani khane nihule". Some other upcoming songs like “dadha paari ko”, “Puraano gau”, “mero yo saano gharaima”, “Pahilo maya”, and many more are decorated by Rajan’s arrangement.

His home recording studio called “The Virtual Records” (Ason, New road) has been producing fabulous records like “Man ko raani” and many other songs from Bhola Rijal’s album. Some upcoming albums recorded from the virtual records are “Crush” and “The Unity’s” album. Even though it is not a fully equipped, professional studio, it is producing qualitative records.

A reason for everything is what they say. Even though Rajan Ishan is a least heard name among the singers today, he has been able to prove himself as a brilliant music arranger and recordist.

But let’s see how far Rajan can run away from the lust for fame!

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